Disgusted at missing the opportunity to post on the palindromic date previous to this, I’m disgruntled but happy to (finally) present Sherlock. Named -very kindly, and quickly- by my brother, Sherlock is a distinctly human fellow boasting cravings that you and I can surely relate to. If not necessarily agree with: Coffee and cigarettes*.

The more observant reader will note a striking resemblance to Jeremiah, the Needs More Robots poster boy. They certainly hail from the same place, Sherlock isn’t a poster boy though. Too smokey.


*for those not nicotine inclined, I’m reliably informed that chocolate makes a most agreeable substitute.


A little aside (23-10-10)

October 23, 2010

There’s a webpage that I view almost daily. I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t exist were it not for me. It isn’t anything special, just a list that’s tremendously dear to me. Among other things, it’s coupled with robots and chocolate [see below].