Dedicated -and bearing an uncanny resemblance- to a beardy friend, the Beard king should’ve been posted yesterday but, thinking better of rushing things, the night was spent augmenting his gingery beard and delightful M-head.

He blows goats for stones.


Disgusted at missing the opportunity to post on the palindromic date previous to this, I’m disgruntled but happy to (finally) present Sherlock. Named -very kindly, and quickly- by my brother, Sherlock is a distinctly human fellow boasting cravings that you and I can surely relate to. If not necessarily agree with: Coffee and cigarettes*.

The more observant reader will note a striking resemblance to Jeremiah, the Needs More Robots poster boy. They certainly hail from the same place, Sherlock isn’t a poster boy though. Too smokey.


*for those not nicotine inclined, I’m reliably informed that chocolate makes a most agreeable substitute.

I’m moving house very soon and amidst the (horrible) business of clearing out old junk I came across an old wallet with a ghostly Totoro motif. Therein, this tiny shred of post it note brought about an unexpected smile. His name is william, like the bear that I own.


Hugh. Took me a while to decide on the name. I think it’s the clouds that threw me. I rarely draw clouds -that much is probably obvious.


Hugh and plane and clouds and black

Sketched on a tablecloth with worn wax crayons, Saul needs thrust like I need a coffee.