On friday i took receipt of friend’s delivery. This little fellow came about simply because the rather sizeable, unblemished cardboard canvas was far too enticing to ignore. His name is Sean, not Shern. The caption was related, it was a macbook air.



Dedicated -and bearing an uncanny resemblance- to a beardy friend, the Beard king should’ve been posted yesterday but, thinking better of rushing things, the night was spent augmenting his gingery beard and delightful M-head.

He blows goats for stones.

Been frightfully busy at work. To my shame, Graham took a few days more than ever intended. Bits and bobs here and there between meetings and word-stuff.

Preparing to close a Moleskine that’s been in use for an awfully long time – Graham marks what was the penultimate blank page. Got a new limited edition Pac-man replacement [day-glow yellow, blank pages] waiting in the wings, thankfully. #MoleskineAddiction

Jeremiah pointing. It’s a substandard photograph of an unfinished sketch and while the writer’s presentation skills obviously leave a little to be desired, thumbing through a few robot sketchbooks this fellow was eye-catching enough to warrant a hasty post during a time that all scanners in usual proximity were found to be on leave.

He’s something of a mascot for Needs More Robots and the logo will likely be based around his dome, so it’ll certainly be popping up quite frequently on here.

Hugh. Took me a while to decide on the name. I think it’s the clouds that threw me. I rarely draw clouds -that much is probably obvious.


Hugh and plane and clouds and black

True story: I wrote the word ‘burn’ on this, the back page of my [still current] moleskine about 2 years ago. Hercule -the robot- came about only as many weeks ago. ‘burn’ is the lion’s share of a friend’s signature. He’s a comic book illustrator (keith burns). Apparently I’m a fan of forgery. His work is great too.

Noah -the robot- stands pretty tall. You can’t see his feet but, believe me, they go way down there.

Sketched on a tablecloth with worn wax crayons, Saul needs thrust like I need a coffee.