Time flies: As the least likely blogger in the world there are a number of excuses for poor update etiquette presenting themselves. Moving house, working in Hong Kong, discovering the joys of Treyarch’s latest first-person offering, etc, etc..

As prior post tags can attest, the problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the writer himself. A terrible blogger, it takes very little for distraction to take root.

This post comes in Lieu of anything polished, a peek at something with a little more structure than a not-quite-daily named robot.

The idea for Option D has been floating around for a little while now, its simple, easy to execute and most of the work is already done. Sadly, time is short, focus is forever waning and the concept is yet to see fruition. Small victory comes in the form of these concept sketches. Option D will be a distasteful, vulgar little beast. The more conscientious writer would likely create a new place to house it’s profanity, but that would be foolish, a second blog is certainly never the answer. Not here.

More soon, it’s a written promise between you and I.


Disgusted at missing the opportunity to post on the palindromic date previous to this, I’m disgruntled but happy to (finally) present Sherlock. Named -very kindly, and quickly- by my brother, Sherlock is a distinctly human fellow boasting cravings that you and I can surely relate to. If not necessarily agree with: Coffee and cigarettes*.

The more observant reader will note a striking resemblance to Jeremiah, the Needs More Robots poster boy. They certainly hail from the same place, Sherlock isn’t a poster boy though. Too smokey.


*for those not nicotine inclined, I’m reliably informed that chocolate makes a most agreeable substitute.

Been frightfully busy at work. To my shame, Graham took a few days more than ever intended. Bits and bobs here and there between meetings and word-stuff.

Preparing to close a Moleskine that’s been in use for an awfully long time – Graham marks what was the penultimate blank page. Got a new limited edition Pac-man replacement [day-glow yellow, blank pages] waiting in the wings, thankfully. #MoleskineAddiction

Today is my brother’s birthday and so this boost-filled robot -Alex- is both named after and dedicated to him. We’ve spent a great deal of time talking about needing more robots in our lives, Alex and I.

We both phase between being awful and mediocre at making progress, but we’re getting there.

Until the armada is up and running, Alex, the fly robot, will most certainly keep on soaring.

Happy Birthday, brother.

Frank was a 5-minute sketch. No pens, no planning -just a lovely gentle fellow sat on a lofty stool. He’s unfinished, but he wears it pretty well. Here’s looking at you, Frank.

Hugh. Took me a while to decide on the name. I think it’s the clouds that threw me. I rarely draw clouds -that much is probably obvious.


Hugh and plane and clouds and black

A Robot’s Pleasant Itch

January 11, 2010

Robots dig Christmas.

Neither for the recently felled trees adorned with swathes of finery, nor the bevy of lovingly wrapped gifts lurking at their piney underpinning.
They care not for stocking fillers, carol singers or alcohol-laden winter warmers.
They dig it, because it takes their robot minds away from the things that they dislike.
Like an itch that offers temporary respite from massive toothache, Christmas provides robots with a few days of calm.

Two facts that really can’t go unaddressed at this juncture:

1) Robots are incapable of experiencing toothache.
2) Robots are probably incapable of experiencing an itching sensation.

Fortunately they have a thorough understanding of both and can therefore attest to the accuracy of the itch analogy.

“Christmas, a pleasant itch” ~ Anonymous Robot

Braid needs more robots

December 10, 2009


I like admiring the sky at the start of Braid.

Not only does it serve as a particularly atmospheric introduction to Jonathan Blow’s splendid little game, it also holds promise of -and tracking for- some exceptionally hard to reach secrets.

It doesn’t, however, contain any robots.

Bit of a disappointment, that.

Braid-sky = better with robots